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What We Do:  Peter D Austin & Associates, Inc established 1979, provides retirement plan design and retirement plan administration services to clients who own small businesses (businesses with the owners being the only employees, and businesses with one or more other employees up to 30-50 employees). We are located in Southern California, and we provide services to clients all across the United States, as well as to some clients who have relocated outside of the US but still report in the US for tax purposes...What We Do

We set up and administer 401k plans and Profit Sharing plans (tiered, special use, safe harbor, and other), and Defined Benefit plans (tiered, regular, special use, general test, and other). Types of companies include the self-employed, sole proprietorships, LLP, LLC, C-corporations, and S-corporations.

Life Cycle:  We discuss the different parts of the life cycle of a retirement plan. Start with...Getting a good Start... Investment Planning. We help you make changes to your plans to provide optimal benefits to owners...Changes In Your Situation...Changing Plan To Keep Up. Finally, we discuss what you can do later on with your plan...Keeping Your Plan After Retirement...Spending – Retirement or a Rainy Day...Leaving It To Your Heirs.

Why Use Us:   We can often reduce your other expenses, and we can certainly reduce your headaches and provide you access to plan options.

We can provide your plan access to income producing real estate and other asset classes...Why Switch To Us...Investment Planning

We set up and administer Frozen Money Purchase plans for large IRA rollovers and terminated 401k plans (to allow access to such investment classes as 1) income producing real estate, 2) precious metals, 3) specialized LLPs)...Investing Your Large IRA...Reduce Expenses On Your Bundled 401k Plan.

We serve many business managers and CPA firms across the United States, and have clients in all lines of services work – the self employed, entertainers, medical, real estate, entrepreneurial, legal, pharmaceutical services...Referring Clients To Us

Want a very large deduction and controllable annual contributions? Consider a Defined Benefit plan or a combination of a Defined Benefit plan and a 401k/Profit Sharing plan...Plan Types

For Wealthy Individuals - General Investment Planning
As a separate part of our business, we offer an Investment Planning service for self-employed individuals and small businesses by separate written contract outlining the scope of services...Investment Planning. We do not help you select specific investments, and we do not provide advice on specific investments. We do help you select asset classes appropriate for your specific risk comfort level. The assets considered are all of your assets, not just retirement plans. We help you consider other asset classes such as income producing real estate. Investment Planning - Nuts & Bolts. Your spouse and heirs can be an important part of the process – early education of your spouse and heirs about your investments is essential.


We perform the administrative and actuarial services below. However, be aware that many of our clients believe our most valuable service is to understand your full life situation, and plan on how to integrate the pension plan into your plan for your life.

Types of Retirement Plans Serviced

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • 401k Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase Pension Plans

In each type of plan, you can place employees into different groups or tiers, and then schedule benefits to benefit one or more of those groups. These groupings may need to be changed from time to time.




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