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Our process revolves around your needs and desires. Your pension plan may impact many areas of your life, and many of our clients regard our most valuable service as helping you with these broader aspects.

We start out by getting some background on you and details on your business, and then set goals and discuss avenues that fit within your life needs. Then we help you look at specific plan designs to accomplish these goals. We review these goals and changing needs with you when you want or when we see it as useful, and discuss possible changes to the plan with you. Doing the administration work itself is important, but really the goal setting and discussions are a main factor in the success of your retirement plan.

The current economic climate requires regrouping and a good look at alternatives. In the past, we have been leaders in the field in exploring new alternatives in changing conditions, and we continue to do so. We have been through this process with most of our clients, and have changed plans around to meet the current times. This is a time for change in the pension arena, and we have valuable ideas to offer. As an example of this change, we have recommended that clients who previously rolled over large amounts into IRAs consider rolling back into a qualified plan - there are significant reasons for taking this protective step if you have over $500,000 in an IRA. As another example, with tax rates rising we have suggested that those clients who pay their children salaries for work performed, consider having the children make large employee deferrals into an 401k plan - for example, if a child performs service and is paid $20,000, then up to $16,500 of that can be deferred into the 401k plan - a similar result applies to a spouse. This is one way of building wealth for the children, and having that wealth in a tax-deferred vehicle in their names for later education or any other needs.

We do the required administration for profit sharing, 401k, and Defined Benefit Plans. However, many of our clients bounce ideas off us for changes in their plans, or ask us to help them generally in making decisions regarding their plans, and we try to act as a guide to show you where to look for solutions and exploration.

We are here to help you.

We have been through this process for many clients since 1978. We have seen many falls in the market, and rises in the market. We have seen our clients make money, not make money, and then make money again. Have patience, and keep planning – it will all work out. Use us to help you make a better future for you and your kids.

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