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If you are a business owner who wants to discuss options for a retirement plan, this page is for you.

If you are an advisor (accountant, attorney, business consultant, broker) to a business owner who you think needs to look at options for a retirement plan, this page is for you.

Get us a census for your company – for every employee, including the owner and spouse, list their name, date of birth, date of hire, and annual compensation for 2010. Also show if they work less than 1000 hours each year. Fill in the name of your company, the date of start up, and the year end. Tell us if you have any ownership or management interest in any other company that has employees. Email us your information to Give us a day or two, and then call Pete Austin at 805.370.1093.

If you have an existing retirement plan, we would like you to email us the most recent year end valuation available. It helps us develop your options.

We design plans to meet your needs – we make our plans flexible as to contributions allowed or required, and we help you get to the design you want. You can include your spouse, provided he/she works, and save a lot of taxes. You can provide some benefits for kids as well, which then do not come under your estate.

Remember that with income taxes going up, it will be important to save – a retirement plan is the best way of doing this saving.

Also, in the Great Recession we just went through, many of our clients were able to draw on their retirement plans to help them over the hump. Retirement is not just for 65 or over, it can be if you need money at 40 as well.

We find you ways to make your plan work better for you. We really like to take over an existing plan that is for one person through a brokerage house or bank – you will be amazed to find out what paying consultants like us does for your tax savings.

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