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Why Switch To Us

Clients having an existing retirement plan or a large IRA often decide to switch their administration to us. Can you see your situation below?

  1. You are unhappy with the level of the fees being charged for “bundled services” for your 401k or Profit Sharing plan, and you want to look into alternatives. We might be able to structure a Frozen Money Purchase Plan that allows participants meeting certain criteria to roll over their 401k balances to the Frozen Money Purchase Plan, yet still have individual investment selection. The cost savings can be immense. We may also be able to help you reduce your 401k fees substantially.

  2. If you are the only participant in your retirement plan, you can buy income producing real estate. If you have other participants in your plan, you might be able to set up a frozen plan, roll your retirement plan assets to this new plan, and then buy income producing real estate.

  3. If you are retired, and you want on-going consulting and investment flexibility – you can keep your retirement plan open, getting required distributions. You want to plan for distributions to your heirs (kids/grandkids). Clients with large retirement plan assets form one third of our total clients – can you guess why?

  4. You have a large rollover IRA, and you want to invest money in income producing real estate. Talk to your accountant about setting up a sole proprietorship, then call us about setting up a Profit Sharing Plan for your sole proprietorship. You can roll the IRA back into the Profit Sharing, and buy income producing real estate.
  5. Remember that real estate competes with banks and investment companies for your retirement plan dollars. One very good reason for using us is that we are not associated with any bank or investment company. This applies to other ”direct” investments as well, such as Treasury Direct, buy stocks directly from companies, buy a share in a LLP, etc. You can invest your retirement plan money with several different institutions if you use our retirement plan administration services.

  6. You are a business manager or a CPA , and want us to take over plans for your clients. We minimize the fuss of changing, solve prior problems, and keep the fees reasonable.  There is no fee sharing, which makes it simple. We do not take commissions or any fees other than our own billings.

  7. You have been doing the annual 5500 forms required, and the amendments, and the other annual requirements, but don’t want the headache anymore. What’s that? You didn’t know about the 5500 forms or required amendments? Oops. Penalties are up to $25,000 per year.

  8. You want higher contributions or larger share, and more annual flexibility in contributions.  Many clients come to us because we maximize the owners’ share of the contributions; quite often we do this by having a Defined Benefit plan combined with a 401k plan – the results are startling!

  9. Oops, your retirement plan assets are under $ 250,000, and the only person in the plan is the owner, but here is the IRS letter saying you are not in compliance, with large penalties.

  10. You own several companies – what can you do now with your retirement plan?
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